The real GNP takes nominal GNP measured in current year prices and sets off for any changes in price level for goods and services included in the calculation of GNP. All individuals or consumers hold a specific amount of their produce for self-consumption. This factor sometimes really charges a large amount, but is still not considered in the calculation of the GNP.

gnp includes residents investment income from overseas

Thus, GDP is a broad measurement of a nation’s overall economic activity. The GNP stands for Gross National Product, while GDP expands for Gross Domestic Product. The GNP is measured by calculating the production and services produced by a country’s citizen while the GDP is calculated by measuring the products and services produced within the territory of the country.

However, the same shall not fall under domestic income given that the Malaysian consulate is not a part of Indian domestic territory. Depending on the GNP for long periods the composition of national output changes drastically. And overall GDP is much better in calculating the country’s economic status. The private domestic investment is just the other name for the gross domestic product investment . Gross Domestic Productis the finalmonetary valueof all thegoods and servicesproducedwithin the boundariesof a country in a period of time. To simply put it, it measures theeconomic outputof the country over a given period of time,irrespective of the fact that who produces it.

Depreciation represents the cost you will incur in replacing the old machine with a new one. So, NNP represents the income left in your hands after you have taken care of future needs. Collecting a country’s economic data related to the GNP and then comparing it with the previous year data gives an idea about the annual production of the country. The GNP of a country is calculated by adding net income from abroad to the GDP of the country.

It amounts to the sum of the prices or the market values of all the final services and goods which are produced in an economy within a specified period. It indicates the worth of the country’s out in the specific currency. Basically, GNP signifies how a country’s people contribute to its economy.

The GNP is Calculated as –

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The GNP considers the overall activity of all the citizens, some citizens such as housewives and students don’t perform any monetary activities. Thus, taking them into consideration is a negative and controversial point of the GNP. While calculating the GNP, inflation enhances the measured value of the GNP.

Gross national product is an estimate of the total value of all the final products and services turned out in a given period by the means of production owned by a country’s residents. The gross national product amounts to the valuation of such services and goods produced by a citizen of a country without any constraint on geographical boundaries. For a salary that is earned by an Indian employee engaged in a Malaysian consulate in India, the income will be considered as national income considering he or she is an Indian resident.

  • Moreover, GNP omits the value of intermediary goods to avoid double counting, as these entries get included in the value of final products and services.
  • The growth and size factor of the GNP indicate the stability of a country’s economy.
  • If you are having trouble understanding the concepts of Gross Domestic Product and the Gross National Product , then you have already arrived at the right place.
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  • The gross national product or GNP is the aggregated value of all the goods and services which are produced by the country’s residents within a particular financial year.

The gross national product which is called GNP and the Gross Domestic Product which is called GDP are two of the most essential and basic concepts that the students of Commerce need to know. Briefly, we can say that the Gross Domestic Product or the GDP is the value of finished goods and services of the nation at the domestic level and in the specific period. While on the other hand gross national product which is to say GNP is the total value of all the finished goods and the services produced by the citizens of the country. When we talk about economic growth, we generally refer to growth in terms of gross domestic product, or GDP. But when we talk about growth of national income, we most commonly refer to growth in terms of gross national product or GNP.

Difference Between GDP and GNP

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In a few cases, the net output value remained unchanged, and still changes are noticed in the GNP results. In simple language, the GNP is not affected by the boundary of the country, while the GDP is a boundary or limit dependent measure. A wonderful job done by the website for students aspiring to shine in competitive exams.Quite useful to the exam prospects who cannot afford for special & costly coaching.Thanks a lot to the creators & site managers. GNP measure the qualitative as well as quantitative aspect of the economy. Government Spendingrefers to the purchases and investments made by the Government. Consumer Spendingis the purchases made by private households on durable (household appliances, cars, etc.) and non-durable goods (food, clothing, etc.) and services .

gnp includes residents investment income from overseas

On the other hand, the latter amounts to the net income receipt originating overseas. The gross domestic product covers mainly the production within an economy. GDP and GNP both try to measure the market value of all goods and services produced for final sale in an economy. The difference is in how each term interprets what constitutes the economy. GDP refers to and measures the domestic levels of production, whereas GNP measures the levels of production of any person or corporation of a country.

GNP is the estimated total value of all the final services and products that are produced by the residents of the country within a specific period. The gross domestic product amounts to the valuation of such services and goods which are produced within the geographical confines of a country. The other components of the gross domestic products include the fiscal expenditures which are not included in any of the above categories. GNP is the total measure gnp includes residents investment income from overseas of the flow of goods and services at market value resulting from current production during a year in a country, including net income from abroad. It includes all private and public consumption, government outlays, investments, the foreign balance of trade. InGross Domestic Product,Grossrefers to total market value,Domesticrefers to income generated locally or within the geographical boundaries of the country, andProductrefers to the goods and services.

GNP is always greater than the GDP

It is a fiscal term that is the estimate of the total value of all the final products and services produced in a particular time by a country’s residents. In layman’s terms, GNP is calculated by taking the entire accounting of a company’s residents. As one can imagine, economic production and growth, what GDP represents, has a large impact on nearly everyone within that economy. For example, when the economy is healthy, you will typically see low unemployment and wage increases as businesses demand labor to meet the growing economy.

Both of these concepts are related to the National income and hence the students need to know about the national income. Gross domestic product is only for measuring the domestic production within the geographical boundaries of a country. GNP categorically excludes the income which is generated by foreigners who are only residing within the territory of the country. Well, depreciation represents the reduction in value of plant and machinery with the passage of time. Every good that we produce today reduces the power of our machines to produce the same quantity of goods tomorrow. After 20 years, the plant and machinery may become totally obsolete.

gnp includes residents investment income from overseas

The value of net exports for a country is calculated by subtracting the total imports from the total exports. Save taxes with ClearTax by investing in tax saving mutual funds online. Our experts suggest the best funds and you can get high returns by investing directly or through SIP. Investmentrefers to the investment in capital, purchasing new houses, money spent/invested by businesses in their business activities, buying machineries, tools, and so on. It may consider the newly-produced services and goods as well only when it is generated within country borders. The growth and size factor of the GNP indicate the stability of a country’s economy.


All roads leading to growth in GDP may not necessarily lead to growth in GNP. Only in a rare situation would the GDP and GNP figures of a country be the same. Many countries such as the US have already replaced the GNP with the GDP. Many changes are needed to strengthen the status of the GNP in the globe.

In several economies, services such as entertainment, transportation, laundry, and teaching are not considered while considering the GNP. This is one of the most severe drawbacks of the GNP as these services have a noticeable contribution in deciding the economic factor of a country. The GNP is also helpful as it reveals the direction of a country’s economy.

GNP is the value of all finished goods and services produced in a country in one year by its nationals, regardless of their location. It includes income earned by citizens and companies abroad, but does not include income earned by foreigners within the country. GNP is a measure of the economic condition of a country, under the assumption that a higher GNP leads to a higher quality of living, all other things being equal.